World Cancer Day - February 4th

Quote from Dr. Anitha Arockiasamy, President - India Home Health Care Pvt. Ltd,

“Cancer is becoming a common concern and in the last few years, we have seen a rise in the inquiries for our long term cancer care services. Most of these queries come from patients in the age group 40- 70. We provide nursing support for patients in between their treatment cycles and also after their discharge, considering that hospitalization is comparatively costlier. Our nurses and caretakers provide undivided attention and more importantly, we have the benefit of offering personalized care with a compassionate touch.

As a part of the Cancer Awareness Program on this day, we suggest that one should keep themselves aware on what they can do to fight against cancer before it’s too late. It is necessary for one to adopt a healthy lifestyle to strengthen the immune system. Simple solutions to prevent cancer could be changing lifestyle habits like decreasing tobacco and alcohol intake, early detection and treatment, vaccination programmes etc.”