Reliance Securities Launches New Trading Platform – TICK

February 22 2016,  17.52 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Mumbai: Reliance Securities Limited, the broking and distribution arm of Reliance Capital Limited, today launched its state-of-the-art trading platform -‘TICK’.

TICK is a web-based integrated trading platform that uses Big-Data Analytics and offers Robo-Insights to retail investors in the country. The platform captures and processes vast amounts of data using advanced algorithms and presents the intelligence gathered in a user-friendly and easy to understand visual format.

“Technology and connectivity are redefining businesses and driving change. There is a sharp focus on offering intelligent platforms that “Make it easy” to transact. In the stock market, we believe the retail investor still finds it difficult to invest. With TICK we are offering the might of Big Data and Robo- Insights, coupled with some unique features, to make it easy for the retail investor to invest in the stock market. This is the beginning of integrated intelligent trading platforms in India for retail investors”, said Mr. B. Gopkumar, CEO Broking & Distribution Business, Reliance Capital while launching the platform here today.

TICK scans, integrates and presents real time data analysis – across various fundamental and technical parameters – along with Sentiment trends in a single dashboard that helps in finding real time market opportunity at a glance for investor.

The platform offers over 50 charts for every scrip, from price movement to sentiment change; from open positions and multiple broker recommendations, to help form an overall view on each company and trade with a single click.

“A single powerful dashboard with key indicators and recommendations from various sources – including broking houses – helps get a macro view on each stock in one screen. Sentiment score adds to these charts and helps in making investment decision. A lot of these are not available in an integrated manner in most trading platforms” said Mr. Gopkumar.

One of the unique features of the platform is overall Health Score for each stock based on fundamental factors that offer benchmark and insights about the company’s financial health and ranking with respect to its peers.

“An investor is usually offered data to make their own inferences on overall financial health of the company. TICK goes a step forward to assign an overall Health Score, based on pre-assigned parameters, to help investors get a broad view on the company based on common parameters. This intelligence will help take investment decisions faster” said Mr. Gopkumar.

News plays an important role in forming a sentiment towards any company. TICK aggregates news from multiple sources and assigns real time sentiment score to each scrip thus providing an investor with the pulse of the market.

“Our recent survey indicated that news played a very important role in making investment decisions and majority of investors looking for news across various channels for investing. TICK aggregates news from multiple sources and presents it in a form of Sentiment Score that helps investor get a net impact and sentiment trend for each company” said Mr. Gopkumar.

TICK also offers a new feature of Trade Analytics wherein investor can track the Best (and worst) Inclusions and Worst (and best) exclusions in every portfolio. The platform keeps track of stocks sold and bought in the past and gives their performance across various investments and potential loss/gain.
The platform also provides optimal risk strategies with easy to understand pay off matrix in the options segment.

“Trade Analytics is a powerful tool that lets you assess your investment decisions. It tells the investor about their best picks and worst exclusions and vice versa. It also gives an indication of best buys in the particular segment/industry of investment. Overall it lets an investor assess their trading patters with a view to capitalize on strengths while avoiding past mistakes”, said Mr. Gopkumar.

Reliance Securities is also entering the Value-based broking and investing segment with the launch of its new platform.

“We see a huge opportunity in value based broking segment in the country. Currently, the investors have to choose from a full-fledged broking model or a discount model. There is a substantial part of investors who fall into the Value-based investing category. Reliance Securities will target a substantial share of this space in next three years”, said Mr. Gopkumar.

Reliance Securities Launches New Trading Platform – TICK