Rabindranath Tagore's creativity does not blunt Dhar

Rabindranath Tagore's creativity does not blunt Dhar-
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 - Pursue Maithili then select Add from employment
 Methil -mathili unite for development

February 22 2016,  11.58 AM IST || Pocket News Alert

 Save the Maithili language and literature, if it is to develop Krkić scored on a date ... then you will keep. People should not blunt the edge of creativity. It says Maithili literature known living legend Mr. Rabindranath Tagore. Clear language is clear that he will save only when you are constantly compositions. If someone asks you how many pieces of yesterday received Maithili literature and you will say that 20 or 50 thousand would imagine himself in front of the Maithili literature is so rich.

 International Mother Language Day on Sunday 21 February Thakur Maithili literature seminar organized by the General Assembly was presiding.

 The meeting expressed concern that the eminent Maithili Maithili playwright Mahendra Mlngia Mithila Srwajnon language needs to be created. Right now, it feels like he was one of the Maithili language is just a special class.

 Maithili Bhojpuri Akademi Delhi Sanjoy Kumar Singh, vice president of the lack of resources for the development of Maithili and said to the budget of the city government urged Akademi Akademi like any other increase.

 As special guests of the seminar expressed concern at Google etc. Devshankr Naveen Vidyapati unrestrained many things have been written about. He insisted that his scrape Maithili writers to come forward.

 Maithili poet gangesh hum of the movement does not need anyone to save us from our homes to start.

 Maithili literature scholars attended the seminar, the General Assembly clearly believed that it would not Maithili language until employment growth are not possible. VIII or just being part of the language of literature is not going to be work to be.

 If you bring forth Maithili select Add from employment. Please use most of Maithili. Maithili is studying in schools and colleges should have.

 Maithili literature on the subject of the current scenario in the annual seminar Constitution Club in New Delhi on Sunday 21 February Maithili literature on behalf of the General Assembly.

 The United Nations International Mother Language Day on February 21 was declared the General Assembly every year since Maithili literature that Seminar. The seminar was attended scholar in Maithili from across the country, including Delhi.

 Maithili literature Enlightenment of the General Assembly, presided over the program Maithili literature award honors cinema father and renowned lyricist Rabindranath Thakur.

 Sahitya Academy with representatives of renowned playwright Mahendra Mlngia Devesh Devesh Chandra, Sahitya Akademi Award gangesh hum, Dr. Suleiman Manzar, Rambharos Kapdi bees, Devshankr innovative and Nivodita Mishra Jha also addressed the program.

 Maithili literature before the General Assembly on behalf of the Maithili poet Vidyapati seminars and lectures on the topic Mithilak poor woman Cthi not have been conducted.

 Maithili speakers on Mother's Day in magazines and TV channels to be emphasized. In addition to the outside Mithilaanchal Maithili people can feel connected to yourself. He said that the Indian language Maithili literature has a place of its own. In any case, we will uphold the distinctive identity.

 Scholars say that Maithili poetry, story, novel, with all of the literature has been done in the area, but now we are moving away from Mithilaanchal the Maithili. Excluding those Maithili, Hindi and English are adopting. It should be compulsory reading in primary level Maithili.

Maithili literature Mahasabha 'Mr Hemant Jha said that the information about the author of honor this year by the General Assembly every year to honor the writer and Masam Masam will honor young writers, under which the amount of 25-25 thousand will be given, as well as Maithili author of fund will be formed.

 Secretary of the General Assembly to conduct stage Maithili literature and television journalist Mr Knt Sharan Sanjeev Sinha, General Secretary of the General Assembly and the vote of thanks.