February 2 2016,  14.10 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Editor’s Synopsys:

·         IIHMR University is a WHO Collaborating Center for District and Primary Healthcare in the state of Rajasthan

·         IIHMR conducted a project on Mortality Survey in Afghanistan and submitted a gap analysis report of 16 central hospitals

·         Hospital Management training given to doctors of provincial hospitals

Jaipur, February, 2016: Hospital management ever since has been the need of various developing and under developed countries across the globe. To suffice the need of the paradigm shift in the field of hospital management and the need of healthcare policies to be in place, The IIHMR University, Jaipur has conducted a training programme for medical professionals from Kabul, Afghanistan. The training programme is conducted under the name Hospital Management in Afghanistan. The programme was initiated on 29th January, 2016 and will conclude on 3rd February, 2016.

Brig. (Dr.) S.K. Puri, Advisor, IIHMR University said, “The IIHMR University has earlier conducted a project which was to cover the mortality rates in Afghanistan and trained doctors of over 16 central/medical hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan. Under the project we trained over 473 medical professionals and also prepared a gap analysis report which was later on submitted to the health ministry of Afghanistan. Following our work in the country, we have now considered to even provide trainings to doctors and medical professionals to build their capacities in hospital management. The objective of Hospital Management in Afghanistan is uplift the hospital management capacities even in district and provincial level, to train medical professionals/ administrators and help them understand their role towards their patients, community, organization and also understand the role of hospitals.”

Dr. Said Husain Hashimi, General Director of Bu Ali Rehabilitation and Aid Network (BARAN) Organization and participant of the training programme of Hospital Management in Afghanistan said, “I am glad to be part of this training programme. The IIHMR University has done some extraordinary work in Afghanistan and has worked for the upliftment of the hospital management capacities in the past. As far as this programme on Hospital Management is concerned, I have received tremendous insights. I have 9 provincial hospitals under the NGO which I lead and after this lecture I am going to contact all of these hospitals. The topics are extremely interesting such as Disaster Management, OPD and Emergency services as these are extremely important for the services delivery in Afghanistan. This programme will also positively affect the planning systems of the medical services in Afghanistan. The hospital management systems are not harmonized and planned in our country, we usually focus on only one area. For example, we do not have premedical services such as the specialized ambulance services in India. We would need to work more on the emergency planning systems which is important for the upliftment of the Afghanistan Hospitals and facilities provided in them. There is also a need to develop and work more on the OPD services in Afghanistan. The overall experience of the training programme has been very positive and I have huge take away’s as the programme has been extremely interactive as well.”


The programme module includes aspects such as Accident and Emergency Services, Disaster Management, Progressive Patient Care, Laboratory Services, Inpatient Services etc. The IIHMR University’s core areas of focus have always been training, academics and research and with this training programme we are sure to upgrade the capacities of the medical professionals from Kabul, Afghanistan and also uplift the hospital management services in the country.