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Is there a stress management diet? Several people will ask this as everyone suffers stress. However, it is the management techniques and choices that make the difference between individuals. Reportedly, most people skip meals while under stress while others overeat under stressful conditions and circumstances.  However, it is possible to maintain a healthy diet and feeding habits even when one is under stress.  Taming stress using foods can be tricky. However, the foods you choose to take should provide comfort for the body and also help in boosting your brain through the production of the hormone serotonin. The hormone is essential and efficient in providing calming effects to the body and the mind. Other foods can be effective in controlling both the cortisol and adrenaline levels. Healthier food choices while one is stressed help in boosting of the immune system and thus aid in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Complex Carbs

Carbs work in prompting the brain to release more serotonin. The feel good chemical helps to get you into a better mood and to lower the stress and anxiety levels to a great extent.  The carbs may take long to digest and thus can remain in the system for longer.  The carbs are also useful in helping the body lower the level of blood pressure. Oatmeal is a good choice in this case.

Simple Carbs

These foods are easily digested and thus, help in the quick release of the happy hormone. Not only does the hormone boost the brain power but also helps in lowering the anxiety and stress levels for you.  Though the spike in the hormone production occurs and does not last for long, it is good for your health.  However, you can limit the use of these carbs and go for the compound carbs option.


Low levels of the mineral magnesium may worsen the effects of stress on the body. It is likely to increase the risk for headaches and may also cause body fatigue.  The vegetable is essential in increasing magnesium levels in your system.  You can also use it for the preparation of juice. The juice is easily assimilated and absorbed into the blood stream and thus helps you to deal with the stress. Spinach is effective also in making weight loss juices.  For those who are not lovers of the veggie, using other greens including sales is effective.  It is also good to try soybeans or soya products.


They are in the list of top vitamin C sources. Vitamin C, according to research and studies helps in relieving stress.  It helps in strengthening and boosting of the immune system. This way it helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Unfortunately, sugar and blood pressure levels can spike under stressful conditions. However, use of Vitamin C can help in reducing the likelihood of the occurrence.  It is also useful in stabilizing the cortisol levels and thus ensures healthy stress handling.

Black Tea

 Taking the drink can help one to have a quick recovery from stress.  It helps the body in feeling and maintaining calmness even when one is dealing with both stress and anxiety. Taking a glass of the beverage once in a while reportedly gives better stress relieving effects than the use of any other beverages.  The drink helps in lowering cortisol levels in the blood.


These have healthy fats. A handful is effective in helping you handle stress. It helps in the reduction of stress levels by keeping cortisol levels low. It also helps in protection of the heart even during the period one is suffering from stress. In addition to the product, one can also use almonds and walnuts. However, too much intake of the products can spike the level of calories in the body. It is advisable to use just a handful.

Fatty Fish

Omega 3 will help you in getting your stress and anxiety levels in the check. For women, especially during menopause, Omega 3 sources make the best menopause supplements.  The Omega 3 prevents the increase in stress levels that may cause harm to the heart.  It also works in the prevention of depression. You can use sources or supplements of Omega 3 to reduce stress levels.


The fruit acts in the prevention of a high blood pressure.  In times of stress, blood pressure is likely to spike. The fruit is essential in the provision of the mineral potassium which helps in keeping the blood pressure levels low. The product is still essential in keeping the cortisol levels low to help in the management of the stressful condition.


Eventually, managing stress gives you a lot of health benefits. Notably, it keeps the blood pressure normal and at the same time ensures that the heart and brain are both healthy. For this reason, practice healthy feeding habits even when under stress. Consequently, cortisol levels will remain low, and the happy hormone will be increased in the body. It is also essential to watch amounts of the foods you take to avoid an increase in both fats and calories in the body. It is advisable to take fatty fish as they also assist in joint pain relief.

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