ROPOSO Introduces New Features in its Social Media App for Better Viewer Engagement

January 30 2016,  21.04 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

With the growing user base and increasing technology advancements, ROPOSO – a fashion social network – today announced the launch of four unique features – repost, save offline, block and trending – on its social media app.

The unique trending feature allows users to discover what’s popular on the app. Furthermore, the application’s core features of search and login have been improved to enable superior user engagement.

The new and updated features aim at making the fashion discovery more seamless and enjoyable for its more than 2 million active users which includes celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Nargis Fakri, Shilpa Shetty, Sania Mirza etc.

ROPOSO Introduces New Features in its Social Media App for Better Viewer Engagement


Users can now express their style and fashion choices with the new ROPOSO Repost feature. “Our users would now be able to repost and share good content they find on ROPOSO with their followers. This should help make influential and good content go trending on the platform,” says company Co-Founder and Marketing Head Avinash Saxena.

Know what’s trending; Who’s New!

The new app version enables users to know what’s trending and check new users on ROPOSO.

“Fashion is a dynamic space, and we are regularly updating our app with features that make the entire fashion discovery process more engaging and worthwhile. Users will now find it easier to know what’s trending and get to know the new users on ROPOSO. Knowing new users will also allow fashionistas and influencers an easy route to gain a better following in the fashion community,” adds Avinash

ROPOSO is safer!

With ROPOSO Block, users can now block anyone unwanted and report an inappropriate message. This safety feature has been added across every communication interface, including profiles, comments as well as stories
“We respect other people’s rights, and hope that all our users do the same. However, so as to ensure that there runs no content on the platform that infringes or violates someone else’s rights, violates the law and offends anyone, we have now introduced the option to block anyone or mark inappropriate content,” addsCo-Founder Mayank Bhangadia

Screenshot / Save Offline

Fashion lovers can now save good stories and view them offline on their phone later with ROPOSO Save Offline feature. The screenshot or save offline option also lets users share the shots as photos in their other social media networks

“We have introduced this feature to allow our users to view their favorite stories anytime, anyplace. We don’t want our users to miss any stories they like,” adds Mayank.

Easier Login/Signup

The latest upgradation of the app has also enabled a better login flow that makes it easier for new as well as existing users to login, change their photo and manage their account.