Medimix flaunts a whole new look with their ‘Nothing better than natural’ campaign

January 29 2016,  22.03 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Nothing better than Natural’ are the new buzz words for Medimix that showcase their new natural glycerin offering with their latemedimix soapst ad campaign. Teaming up with Metal Communications and Eeksaurus, the ad campaign perfectly summarizes the call from nature to explore the great outdoors!

The film takes one through a variety of scenarios showcasing how the people of today have become very much accustomed to staying indoors instead of exploring the beautiful world outside. From travelling to enjoying music and from sitting in front of the television to exercising, the guiding hands of nature showcase how these same experiences can be enriched the natural way.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman & Managing Director – Cholayil Private Ltd. says, “The Medimix Glycerine variant is a product containing Lakshadi Oil & Vegetable Glycerine. This combination keeps your skin naturally conditioned & protected. The Vegetable Glycerine locks in moisture in the skin, making it soft, supple & balanced. A time tested Ayurvedic Oil preparation – Lakshadi Oil, has nourishing, therapeutic & curative properties.The brief was to communicate these benefits in a creative way while showcasing the inherent naturalness of the product.”

“The Medimix Glycerine campaign is practically a re-launch of the brand, what with the bold new graphics, a new tag line and new packaging. The film is a dramatisation of the tagline, “ Nothing better than natural”.  It seeks to reinforce the basic truth we all know – that ‘natural’ is almost always the better choice  in life. And Medimix, with its time tested Ayurvedic ingredients, is well and truly an intrinsic part of that world. Even the glycerine in Medimix Glycerine is natural, not synthetic. It protects and moisturises your skin in an entirely natural and effective manner. In finding the right mix of communication elements – information and entertainment – the production house, I am happy to say, has risen to the occasion”, adds Mr. Narayan Kumar, Director & Creative Chief – METAL Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Commenting further, Mr. Suresh Eriyat (Founder and Creative Director – Eeksaurus) says, “We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Metal Communications on this campaign for Medimix. Brainstorming together with the team, we wanted to bring about a perfect synthesis of the brand’s presence during the everyday things that people do. Through the animated hand, we were able to add the essence of the brand in directing the call to the outdoors. We look forward to working on many more such campaigns in the future that call for a design centric thought process focused on a combination of a variety of mediums”.

Concentrating on the design centric approach to weave distinct stories for every brand, Eeksaurus looks forward to creating many such engaging campaigns while giving brands the creative twist that they are on the constant look out for.