Just Buy launches a powerful marketing campaign targeting the Aam Dukandaar

January 29 2016,  14.55 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Mumbai, 29th January, 2016: Just Buy Live, the world’s first e-distributor today announced its marketing campaign –‘Just Buy. Ek App. Ek Awaaz’. Born out of the need to empower retailers, the campaign highlights the brand’s emotional connect with retailers and the challenges they face.

The campaign began with a high voltage teaser campaign with four thematic TVCs centre staging challenges faced by small retailers. The week-long teaser campaign culminated with the reveal of Just Buy Live. The TVCs were launched simultaneously on YouTube and the teaser phase garnered over 500,000 views in a matter of six days.

Just Buy Live’s ATL campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Ferry Wharf Communications (FWC), a Mumbai-based Strategy, Design & Advertising Firm.

“As the world’s first e-distributor we had to resist the temptation of simply announcing: ‘here’s a revolutionary product’,” says Sahil Sani, Founder – Chairman & CEO. “Instead we took a step back and looked at why we came up with Just Buy.”

“Just Buy was born out exasperation with traditional distribution systems that put the retailer, the Aam Dukandaar, at a disadvantage,” Sahil continues. “Add to it the real threat to the Aam Dukandaar’s business because of the discount-sale model of online retailers, and we have a potent combination of status quo (of distribution) colliding with frustration and uncertainty experienced by the Aam Dukandaar.”

“For me, Just Buy is not only the world’s first e-distributor,” adds Bharat Balachandran, Co-Founder & Managing Director, “It is a movement, a revolution that will give back the Aam Dukandaar his confidence, financially and emotionally. The only difference between a retailer and us, is that everyone only seems to care about us. ‘Us’ as in you and me, the consumers.”

“In the process of getting a product from the manufacturer to the customer, the most important point is where the customer actually interacts with the product. That point is the retail store and surprisingly, it is the most neglected link in the chain,” says Theron Carmine, Director – Strategy at FWC. “The average shopkeeper doesn’t understand the online retail model, valuations, funding etc. and is perplexed by the fact that online businesses are making losses and yet have big bucks to spend on advertising campaigns. He is unable to understand this loss-making business model and wonders why it is the darling of the media and those in power.”

“The challenge was to target a segment that had no available media consumption data,” says Nilesh Patil, Executive VP, Network Media, “We had to go beyond traditional thinking and market information. That’s where learnings from past market visits came handy.  We planned the media with a combination of data, gut feel and experience. The results are validating the approach, with a substantial number of downloads from the moment the reveal happened on TV.”

“When the only thing you know to earn a living is under threat, you feel trapped,” says Deven Sansare, Creative Head – FWC, “This feeling of entrapment triggers a bunch of emotions. Some look outside for help and hope for a messiah, some explore the possibility of violent protests, while others see a conspiracy against them. On the other hand, when the family earnings suffer, the family suffers too. These very emotions have been captured in the TV commercials in both the teaser and reveal phases.”

“Yes,” concurs Sahil, “The important emotional aspect that the TV campaign explores is the feeling among retailers that they are pitted against forces much larger than them. It is the classic ‘David versus Goliath’ scenario that is playing out in the retailers’ minds and on the business front. Just Buy is the Aam Dukandaar’s voice, his awaaz. All we have done is given it a loudspeaker.”

Some marketing and advertising campaigns are born from product insights. Some are born from consumer insights. A rare few simply write themselves. Just Buy is one of those rare few.

Just Buy TVC links

YouTube teaser ad link: https://goo.gl/z22l9g

YouTube reveal ad link: https://goo.gl/XaWZdv