Vodafone Boosts Customer Experience with Cisco’s SON Solution

January 27 2016,  13.54 PM IST || Pocket Press release

Vodafone deploys Cisco’s Self Optimizing Network technology across a third of its network in India

Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications services providers, and the second largest globally, today announcedthat it has deployed Cisco’s Self Optimizing Network (SON) technology to deliver a superior mobile experience to its users.

Vodafone expects Cisco SON to deliver a truly differentiated customer experience, both by optimizing its existing sites and by streamlining the process of adding new sites to its fast growing network. Vodafone India has already deployed SON over a third of its network. Deployment will continue until the entire network is SON-enabled.


Vodafone India has more than 194 million customers and is growing fast.To deliver a great quality of service to all of them the operator constantly upgrades and innovatesits network. CiscoSONis expected toboost both voice and data experience to Vodafone’s 3G customers.

Cisco SON has an ability to deliver these benefits:

·         Improve voice call quality and reduce dropped call rates

·         Higher data speed and better accessibility

·         Lower network congestion through superior load balancing

·         Better network service during mass events (planned or unexpected) when many people use their mobiledevices at the same time

·         Quicker automatic site deployment, resulting in much fewer service disruptions

·         Reduced operational costs through automation of many of the engineering intensive tasksassociated with running the network

Speaking on the new deployment, Vishant Vora, Vodafone India’s director of Technologysaid, “This initiative follows our strategy and commitment to deliver an enhanced &differentiated customer experience. We are confident that our ongoingfruitful relationships with Cisco will help us delight our users with a great quality of both voice and data services.”

Speaking on the partnership, Kelly Ahuja, senior vice president, Service Provider Business - Products and Solutions, Ciscosaid, “Vodafone remains focused on delivering the best customer experience possible. Our collaboration is helping them to drive growth, deliver customer value, and promote innovation. Cisco SON technology offers greater capability to manage increasing voice and data traffic, and optimize their networks. “

Vodafone Boosts Customer Experience with Cisco’s SON Solution