Student entrepreneurship in city is fast picking up: Rajiv Lulla, askfunding

 January 28 2016,  12.02 PM IST || Pocket Press Release

"startup-a-thon 1.0” to be held to nurture entrepreneurship, encourage student entrepreneurship

CTO of to grace

Two Panel Discussions on 01."What do investors look for when investing" and 02. "Entrepreneurship is not for all, how to ensure it is for you" to be held part of the event

Hyderabad, January 28, 2016.....Launching out on own of youngsters is catching up in city as more and more colleges are setting up Incubation Centers to nurture entrepreneurship among the students.  It was once restricted to premier institutions like IITs and IIMs.  Now it goes beyond them, to many small, unknown colleges in both big and small cities and towns in India.  To take this momentum forward, in association with St. Martin Engineering College (SMEC) in Kompally scheduled a two day event “startup-a-thon 1.0”.  It will be held on 29th and 30th in two different venues disclosed Rajiv Lulla,

The various programs scheduled on these two days include: Inauguration of College Specific Incubation Center at St. Martin Engineering College(SMEC).  So that students can develop entrepreneurial ideas.

Live Mentoring Workshop and Start Up Pitches and Selection will also be held on day one at St Martin Engineering College, Kompally, added Rajiv.  For initial pitching on day one, about 30 startups have already registered. They will be filtered after which the initial round of pitching will be held, Rajiv added.

On day two, the venue will be shifted to Catalyst Building, in T-Hub at IIIT Gachibowli.  It will be hosted by askmentor pvt. ltd, he added. And informed that the selected startups from the day one will pitch to an investor’s panel.  Selected Startups will get funded.  About 15 Startups are expected to make the pitches.

Two panel discussions on topics relevant to startups. These subjects for panel discussion are 01.  "What do investors look for when investing" and 02. "Entrepreneurship is not for all, how to ensure it is for you".

Also on day two, Manoj Sharma, CTO will be introducing the platform to the audience comprising mostly of entrepreneurs and tech geeks.

The aim of this event is to encourage entrepreneurship among students and youth.  Also to remove general perception among the many that risk is attached with entrepreneurship. We want to change this by providing support with this initiative,” Rajiv said. Also the objective of this event is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

Event Judges & Panel Speakers (consolidated, both days) include are as follows

01. Chennapanaidu Darpaneni – Founder & CEO, Mera Events

02. Kiran Gali – Founder & CEO, Number Mall

03. Atal Malvia – Spark10

04. Sachin Tummala – MD. Corpus Group of Companies

05. Subbaraju Pericherla – Saprk10 &

06. Sanjay Enishetty – Founder 50k Ventures

07. Varun Reddy – Director Intersoft International  &

08. Viiveck Verma – TedX & SAHE

09. Aashish Malve - Angaros Management Co

10. Abhay Dixit – Tarang Engineering Pvt. Ltd. / Faculty at ISB, Hyderabad

11. Sanjay Darbha – Founder & CEO

12. Suresh Rayudu Chitturi – MD Srinivasa Hatcheries & Chairman CII. AP.

13. Venkat TC – Founder Director eMug Technologies      

14. Sashi Somavarapu – Founder & CEO

15. Vinutha Rallapalli – VP Lead Angels

16. Bharath Lingam CEO at [x]cubeLABS