Hairline International Launches Vampire Hair Growth treatment a unique way to grow hair

 January 28 2016,  13.03 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Have you been spending more time in front of the mirror worrying about your receding hairline and impending balding? No worries any more, as Hairline brings to you its “Vampire hair growth” treatment.  So say goodbye to all your anxieties about thinning hair and find out more about this at our clinics.

Given the conditions we live in today and the lifestyle we follow, premature thinning of hair and balding is highly common among both men and women.  Increased pollution, stress, poor diets are some of the main contributing factors to baldness.

This is where Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic steps in.  With its highly qualified panel of dermatologists, dermatosurgeons, general physicians and nutritionists, all hair problems are tackled holistically.   The Vampire hair growth treatment is one such offering that is effective and quick.

Requiring only 4 sessions of 20 minutes each, this procedure makes use of the Advanced Fibrin Matrix (AFM) which works very successfully for hair transplantation procedures.  Advanced Fibrin Matrix has been shown to induce dermal angiogenesis thereby promoting hair growth and hence is being used extensively in the treatment of thinning hair.  It is known to shorten healing periods and also stimulate cell proliferation.  This results in better hair volume and density when used in the scalp. 

The procedure as such involves collecting small samples of blood from the patient and running the same via a centrifuge.  The latter separates the platelets and fibrin components of the blood which is then concentrated into a matrix.  This matrix is injected to the patient’s scalp thereby regenerating hair growth via tissue regeneration.

The vampire hair growth treatment is definitely much more advanced, safer and better than the other present day options available.  The injected advanced fibrin matrix stimulates growth factors which are released upto a week from when the injection is administered.  The increased hair growth is visible as early as three weeks from when the matrix is injected.  It is a proven technology that has provided consistent results.  Hair density and thickness have doubled in about 6 months time making it a highly popular treatment.

Needless to say, Hairline is a pioneer in using advanced and top end technologies when it comes to all their treatments.  Always in tune with latest developments, Hairline advocates the use of state-of-the-art technology handled by qualified professionals.  With a dedicated team of medical and beauty professionals, hair treatments and procedures are conducted with utmost care keeping in mind the target audience and their specific needs.

So what are you waiting for? Call any of our six centres (Indiranagar, Whitefield, Jayanagar Richmond road, Marathalli and RT Nagar) for an appointment and book yourself for the efficient and speedy Vampire Hair growth treatment.  For more details log on to

There is no looking back anymore, just come in, utilize our expert services and step out with renewed confidence

Hairline International Launches Vampire Hair Growth treatment a unique way to grow hair

Hairline International Launches Vampire Hair Growth treatment a unique way to grow hair