Century Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd Proudly Sponsors the prestigious “Republic Day Cup” Golf Tournament in Bangalore

January 25 2016,  13.27 PM IST || Pocket Press Release

Bangalore: For the young and dynamic business leader, Mr Ravindra Pai, Managing Director of Century Real Estates Holdings Pvt Ltd, Golf is more than just a sport. It is a passion. He believes that it is the perfect sport and can be played throughout an entire lifetime. Besides being a highly successful businessman, Mr. Pai is also a talented and enthusiastic Golfer, with a very keen interest in the sport.  He along with Mr. Ashwin Pai, Executive Director of the company, have had their fair share of triumphs on the “putting green” having participated in many Tournaments, with energetic and inspiring performances. Mr.Ravindra Pai, believes that anyone with true interest, can play golf, whether it is on a driving range or a round on the course. The only competition in golf, in his opinion,  is against oneself and according to him it is the most rewarding experience a person could have.

Giving shape to his passion, and under his leadership, Century Real Estates is proud to sponsor the “Republic Day Cup” Golf Tournament held in Bangalore Golf Course (BGC) on

24th, 25th and 26th January 2016, as India celebrates 67 glorious years as a Republic. The Tournament, a prestigious event, will witness the participation of the highest number of seasoned golfers and many renowned players on the golfing green, as well as the distinguished attendance of government officials and many leading entrepreneurs. In line with his belief that Golf is for everyone, Mr Pai on behalf of Century has invited the participation of many players who are non-members of BGC.

Speaking about Golf in India, Mr Ravindra Pai said “Golf is a growing sport in India, and is very popular among the wealthier classes. It is still not within the reach of every aspirant due to the expenditure involved. I firmly believe that an increase in participation can be achieved by building more affordable and accessible facilities, increasing activity in junior and academy golf, and effectively promoting amateur golf to a wider audience. Future course development seems inevitable and may need to come, hand-in-hand with real estate opportunity. India currently has 196 registered golf courses and 50% of the courses are situated on military bases. To meet the civilian demand, India may need to build up to 100 new courses to satisfy the demand over the next decade. Provided that the challenges that exist in India can be overcome, there is great potential in this growing interest in golf. “