Artizen: the indispensable app for art lovers is here!

January 28 2016,  14.55 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Your entire art library in the palm of your hand to Capture, Showcase &Share!

New Delhi, 28th January 2016: With Artizen, comes a brand new, never before seen mobile app to digitize and organize your entire art collection and related documents. Collectors, artists, galleries and art enthusiasts can now view and manage their entire art catalogue from the palm of their hands. It is the perfect alternative to excel files, catalogues and unwieldy leather bound folders. It’s secure, safe and there is no limit on storage. To top it all off, for a limited time period only, its free to download and use.

Built on a secure platform, the app is designed to scale up to handle complex levels of data and it supports multiple currencies for those who buy art globally. The reporting functionality generates documents with multiple art works for collectors who want to share information with insurers, appraisers and dealers.

In addition, art aficionados can discover and track historical, modern and contemporary art through the app by simply using their smart phones and tablets. The newly launched Artizen app is also a great way for art lovers, museum-visitors, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover art and follow trends through the carefully curated newsfeed.

The app also acts as a social networking tool where you can join the conversation in the public feed and become an “art citizen” or “Artizen” in its truest spirit. Artizen allows the user to follow the public feeds to know what is trending and what people are talking about. The app encourages interaction through its easy “like” and “comment capabilities.  Users can also follow fellow “Artizens” and talk to them via the app’s messaging functionality.

With the help of Artizen’s virtual art gallery, artists can now play curator while their fans become critics and collectors. This app aims to make art more accessible to laymen and not just to the elite.
The app has already raised funding from The Phoenix Fund of an undisclosed amount.

Uttara Parikh, CEO of Artizen, said, “The Indian art intelligence has evolved over the years. There is a rise in art collectors, a younger tech-savvy breed, as a new wave of art appreciation is brewing up. We recognize that today’s collector is more global and tech-savvy with needs that extend beyond the traditional way of managing art information. As interaction changes in a world that is increasingly connected via social networks, we at Artizen aim to bring together art management tools, social engagement and content.

We at Artizen want to become a one-stop digital platform for art lovers, connoisseurs, collectors, and critics. This app brings art to your fingertips”
The app is now available across platforms – both iOS and Android.