AOH member treats 13780 indigent patients and 5351 weaker section patients in year and spends INR 436216980 in a year

January 25 2016,  13.33 PM IST || Pocket Press Release

Mumbai,25th January,2016 :- Association of Hospitals (AOH), one of the oldest and trusted associations in healthcare of Mumbai believes in treating indigent patients with finest healthcare services available. AOH has 52 members being Charitable Trust Hospitals, out of which 24 hospitals data was accumulated and facts and figures were revealed.

The Trust Hospitals annually spends at least 2% of their annual turnover set aside as Indigent Patient Fund for the poor patients. This is because they feel the need to help the weaker section of the society. Other than indigent patient fund they also provide concessions to other penurious patients. These facilities are provided only to the genuinely needy people who are unable to pay for minor or major treatments for a healthy living. AOH member hospitals share more than its capacity and provide best healthcare services to these patients. 

“Medical expenses are experiencing a steep rise in today’s age. It is very difficult for a common man to face expenses incurred due to uncalled medical emergencies. With trust hospitals in the scenario all sections of society are able to receive the same medical services.  Out of 9,300 beds in the member hospitals in Maharashtra and 20%are earmarked for poor & treat them either free or with concessional cost. AOH members are giving and will be giving the best medical treatments to the society to improve the overall healthcare standard of India “said Dr. P.M. Bhujang, President, Association of Hospitals