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The bond just got better

National: 7th October 2016 - Pan Bahar, a leading FMCG brand that links its identity to success, signing iconic Bollywood stars as the face of their campaign, ups its game, presenting the Bond of all commercials, shot in distant Austin, U.S.A. with none other than Pierce Brosnan.



A pan masala brand that set the trend of celebrity endorsements, to begin with, signing stylish Bollywood icons like Feroz and Fardeen Khan and Saif Ali Khan as their brand ambassadors, Pan Bahar took this path-breaking leap, signing up Mudra DDB to steer the campaign that links success to a man who is a personification of perfection. Hence positioning themselves as the bond of all pan masalas.

Pierce Brosnan: “I am very excited to be chosen as the brand ambassador of a brand like Pan Bahar. Pan Bahar, like Bond, has stood the test of time and is a winner in its own right. It has got class. That’s something that never goes out of style.”

With this campaign, Pan Bahar hopes to leave the other brands in this category far behind. Tying up with DDB Mudra to create an energizing plot full of fast cars, macho men, stylish women and a sharp, stylish and handsome Pierce, Pan Bahar presents a slick TVC and a chic ad campaign.

Mudra DDB helmed this path breaking campaign travelling all the way to Austin to shoot the brand’s latest TVC which once again links the brand to the symbols of success. Punning on 007, the brand launches its campaign on 07 of OCTOBER, 2016 and will present Mr. Brosnan as the first Hollywood face of the brand in his stylish new avatar. Sharp, sleek and very mature…. like Pan Bahar. The fun-filled, action-packed campaign promises to spark a great deal of interest and lift the FMCG category of Pan Masalas itself. 

Akhil Jain, CEO, Ashok & Co. Pan Bahar Ltd.: “For us, the decision to bring Mr. Pierce Brosnan on board as Pan Bahar’s brand ambassador speaks volumes about our vision and ambition. His class, look , style, sophistication, facial expression and body language etc tells a lot about the mastery, maturity  and perfection etc - He is  like a master  of various talent.  Pan Bahar - a master blend stands for class, success and sophistication etc. Hence, we see our association with Mr. Brosnan as a natural fit.” 

Sambit Mohanty, Creative Head (North), DDB Mudra Group: “We live in a world where Indians are globally successful thanks to their creativity, audacity and entrepreneurial attitude. That’s why, when it came to assigning a new brand ambassador for Pan Bahar, Pierce Brosnan was a great choice. He’s the quintessential Bond - an epitome of suavity, style and success – all the attributes that Pan Bahar symbolises. And as an international star, he epitomises ‘Pehchan Kamyabi Ki’ like nobody else."

About Pan Bahar

Recognized as one of the pioneers in the industry, Ashok& Co. Pan Bahar Ltd. is known as a primary manufacturer of ethnic Indian mouth fresheners (Pan Masala) and tobacco.

Known to the world as ‘THE HERITAGE PAN MASALA’, the company has spanned over 50 years of existence through leadership and belief in excellence,  of taste.
The first effort of making a pan masala were made by Shir Ratanlal Jain in a small home in Kanpur in 1936. At that time home counter was the only point of sale which was run by family members only.

The foundation of an organizational entity was set by Shri Praksh Chand Jain in 1966. His passion for pan invented a delicacy called Pan Bahar Pan Masala for which he travelled around the country and procured the best quality ingredients from the richest farms, created a perfect blend of these ingredients and discovered the brand.
The company has always focused to sustain the originality and trend & forces to shape the future of business. To keep alive the belief in exclusivity and exquisiteness of taste, A & C- Pan Bahar Ltd. Launched ‘The World’s Most expensive pan masala’ Pan Bahar Crystal in 2012 to offer unique and unmatched experience to connoisseur of taste.

The company has a strong foothold in the market today, with one of the largest pan masala brand portfolio like Pan Bahar Crystal, Pan Bahar, Bahar, Begum, Dilruba, Natkhat & Wah.

Our Vision and Mission provide us a “Road map” for winning together with our Competitors.

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