Eco Friendly Marriage

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India 12 October 2016: 

A Green wedding is one that is Eco-friendly wedding which comprises the consumption of natural or recycled and the recyclable  resources.

Eco Friendly Marriage

Eco Friendly Marriage

Eco Friendly Marriage

Eco Friendly Marriage


Major decision in any wedding is to choose the venue, set the stage and the theme. However, traditional spaces such as hotel ballrooms and fancy resorts are likely to consume loads of electricity, water and other typical not-so-earth-friendly products. So, If you’re looking to line up an Eco-Friendly Wedding then get married on a beautiful botanical garden, hilltop or a farm that offers modern conveniences like sinks and toilets, so you don’t have to sacrifice your comforts. With such open places you’ll still be helping the earth because you’re letting the sun provide all the lightning. But we know everyone doesn’t enjoy the outdoor weddings. If you need your wedding to be indoors, then there are several ways to make it eco-friendly. You can choose a venue that get plenty of sunlight and host a daytime wedding so you can leave the lights off. Look for the hotels that recycle and use energy-efficient appliances and bio-degradable products.


Imagine if your guest list is around 500 people, for which you have to print at least 250-300 invitation cards, for which one tree must be cut down. That’s not something eco-friendly, right?    Why not opt for E-Invites? You don’t need to send a letter 30 days before so that it reaches on  time to the receiver, besides that everybody is very handy to the  smartphones these days, you can just call them, send them an invite on Whatsapp or can mail them. If you’re not a believer of the technology and still want to send them an invitation card then you can contact some stationers who offers recycled-paper. Using tree-free milled paper can be more beneficial and eco-friendly and not harm our mother earth.

Power Of Flower

You want your wedding to be the best? Well of course who doesn’t want their wedding to be grand and memorable.  Add some flowers to your venue. Flowers can add huge impact on your wedding day. As a matter of fact the flowers have the very essence of filling the whole atmosphere with positive vibes so we can also accommodate by using them as a favor for doing the charity and can donate those flowers to some NGOs. Go to some organic florist.  Some weddings have had flowers that are replanted after the big day to minimize waste and allow the flowers to continue to grow afterwards. 


Nobody wants their marriage to look so simple. You can make your wedding unique and beautiful by using earth-friendly decorations that include recycled wood, natural stones or other organic material, all which add the perfect touch of the rustic and beautiful detail to your wedding. You can use freeze dried petals, can make trendy and stylish goodies from green products. You can use wooden products for your decoration which will add the flavor.

Eco Bites

As per the eco friendly weddings, the menus can also be eco-friendly. You can include the food items which are grown organically. Because the organic foods are healthy and free from the chemicals which will add the touch of greener environment. And because it’s a wedding then it will definitely require the drinks. So why not opt for the organic wines and champagnes.


Want to go green and don’t know what to wear to the theme? Just go for re-wearing the gown your mother once wore. Or if you want to wear new dresses then go for natural fibres like organic cotton or silk. They will be much helpful. You can also use some decorations for your dresses like using carnations or small flowers or beads or stones to go with the theme of eco-friendly wedding.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor

When you’re done with your wedding, you can simply inspire other people for the same. Most people will love joining you in supporting eco-friendly wedding.  You can gift them local handmade goodies. In addition to that, plant kit can be more inspiring or you can gift your guests some seed-filled crafts.

You can handle the lightning part by using bio-diesel maps, moreover, you can use bio-diesel instead of petrol, for the transportation of your guests.

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