Decomplex Marketing Launches the new campaign for EGOSS shoes

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India 17 October 2016: A popular belief, ‘A man’s personality is often reflected by the shoes he wears’, has made many a man search for that perfect pair. Reason why a man too, invests a lot of time in picking the right pair for him. Egoss, a leading manufacturer shoes, in its pursuit of offering innovative products, has recently launched its Stretch range. This special range of shoes, made from highly flexible leather, adjusts to a person’s foot shape, cocooning it in utmost comfort. 

So, when team DeComplex was briefed for the launch campaign, they had another challenge in front of them. A quick look at the existing campaigns for men’s shoes revealed that most of the campaigns were similar in look & feel. So, the team started with understanding the target audience, the product and its benefit, along with the competition.  And this in turn gave shape to the campaign, ‘Stretch shoes for the stretched man’.
We spoke to Varun Kapoor, Business Head, Decomplex, about the campaign. And this is what he shared with us. ‘Today, every person is stretched to the limit. Yet, he tries to stretch a bit more. So, the product benefit is actually the insight for the campaign.’

The campaign has a very edgy look to it and is already being talked about in the industry circles.

Kanika Bhatia, Director, Egoss Shoes, shared her opinion about the campaign. 'It's always a pleasure to work with teams than agencies. Decomplex smoothened the creases and fears that come with a product launch. The best part was not feeling the need to be an expert in fields you're not. Trust the team to deliver.'

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