Zeta Gift Card: a new reason to smile this festive season

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September 14 2016, Bangalore 
: The festive season is almost here and it’s time for corporates to start planning gifts for employees, clients and vendors. However, ensuring a smooth execution of such an intense logistical exercise can be a hassle for those involved in planning it. Especially for HR managers, procuring and distributing such gifts can get a little stressful. This is where Zeta comes in to make festive gifting easy, with the Zeta Gift Card.

The Zeta Gift Card is a part of Zeta's portfolio of digital solutions in the Employee Tax Benefits and Rewards space. It is a virtual card that can be instantly distributed, across locations, in just one click. It completely does away with logistical hassles like distribution, storage and delivery.

Zeta Gift Cards can also be customised to comply with an organization's requirements. Everything from the value of the gift vouchers, their validity and acceptance parameters can be specified. The card can even include messages to add a personal touch. Companies can also design the card in colours of their choosing and feature their logos on them. This level of hyper-customisation of gift cards has been unknown till now

To an employee, Zeta Gift Cards bring a separate set of advantages. With existing card-based and voucher-based solutions, employees are forced to spend them at one or a limited number of outlets. Whereas, unless specified, the gift cards issued by Zeta can be used at any outlet an employee desires to make purchases from. Also, there is the added advantage of having the gift money always on them, on their smartphones or the MasterCard-powered Zeta Super Card. Finally, these gift cards can act as a smart tax-saving option, as an amount of up to Rs 5000 is completely tax free as gifts from companies.

An interesting aspect of Zeta is that it will not allow the gift cards to expire. Zeta prioritises payments via its gift card over the cash card. While shopping online or buying movie tickets, swiping the Zeta Super Card automatically deducts the balance in one's gift card. This feature also ensures that the maximum benefit from the value of the gift card is derived as any deficit in the gift card balance can be adjusted against the balance in one's Zeta Cash card. Finally, being a cloud-based solution, the chances of losing Zeta Gift Cards are next to impossible.

The Zeta Gift Card is making festive gifting more fun for employees and HR managers alike.

Ramki Gaddipati 

Ramki Gaddipati is Chief Technology Officer and the co-founder of Zeta, an emerging player in the space of mobile and digital payments. 

Zeta Gift Card: a new reason to smile this festive season

Zeta Gift Card: a new reason to smile this festive season

Zeta Gift Card: a new reason to smile this festive season

Ramki leads a strong team of engineers to give the product a stable foundation at Zeta. He is extremely passionate about product engineering with a strong sense of initiative and commitment to excellence at every step.  

Zeta is part Directi, a conglomerate of tech companies having presence in India, US, China, Dubai and Europe. Directi, co-founded by Bhavin Turakhia employs 1500+ people across 9 global offices, with over 9 million customers, revenues over $250 million and a net worth of over $700 million. 
Ramki has been involved with the Directi Group for seven years, having led several tech initiatives in various capacities.  In the past Ramki co-founded Bridle Information and Technology Solutions and was listed in Asia’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25 by BusinessWeek in 2006. 

He holds a Master’s degree in Management and a Master’s in Software Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani.

About Zeta
Zeta is an emerging M-commerce player in India on a mission to make digital payments the most popular and convenient mode of transaction in the country. Using cutting edge technology, Zeta aims to make digital payments fast, inclusive and safe for everyone.

The company is directing its efforts to break the barriers of connectivity, reach, logistics and time in payments and making the process smooth and convenient.  The uniqueness of all Zeta products stems from the fact that they originate in the lap of extremely advanced technology.

Zeta has multiple offerings in the Employee Tax Benefit segment - Zeta Meal Vouchers, Zeta Medical Reimbursement, Zeta Gift Card and Zeta Gadget Card and Zeta Rewards Card in the Rewards & Incentive space. Zeta offerings can be used through Zeta app or the Zeta Super Card, which helps users save on time, paper and cost while availing tax benefits.

Zeta’s unique technology also ensures the widest merchant network and the possibility of making payments even when the user is offline.

Run by Better World Technology Pvt. Ltd, Zeta is the latest venture by from Directi Group, founded by serial tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia. Directi Group is a conglomerate of tech companies having presence in India, US, China, Dubai and Europe.
Bhavin Turakhia (CEO) and Ramki Gaddipati (CTO) are co-founders of Zeta.
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