WorkApps releases first-of-its-kind industry product for the advertising and media sector

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India, 7th September 2016:
 In a first-of-its kind move, WorkApps, an enterprise workflow collaboration company (EWC), has introduced its first digital inside enterprise management product, which will cater to advertising agencies and media groups. This innovation aims to fulfill each need of the creative and media teams with the full arsenal of data and technology solutions to build business-changing ideas that meld creativity and hard numbers.

WorkApps releases first-of-its-kind industry product for the advertising and media sector

Rudrajeet Desai, CEO, WorkApps, said, “Collaboration is very intrinsic to the advertising industry. It is almost as if the entire agency runs a sort of 3-legged race that requires creative, servicing, planning, media teams to work together. The collaborative ability of WorkApps allows large enterprises to create inclusive solutions, involved innovation, and a work culture that is collaborative from the inception of thought.”

MVS Murthy, COO, WorkApps, further added, “The more creative we are, the more chaotic it is! It is this chaos that needs minimization and channeling for better quality output. Imagine sharing real-time information and knowledge so that teams can get off the blocks and discuss simultaneously as the blocks originate.” 

As industry research shows, the double whammy is that, apart from chaos at work, the industry as a whole is afflicted by: Loss of productivity, high employee attrition, cost of replacement of staff, porus knowledge management systems and strained client relationships. Now companies are also discouraging the use of WhatsApp for office communication because they fear losing sensitive data due to loopholes in the app.

In a recent study, The Boston Consulting Group found that "over the past fifteen years, the amount of procedures, vertical layers, interface structures, coordination bodies, and decision approvals needed...has increased by anywhere from 50% to 350%." What’s more, in the most complicated organizations, "managers spend 40% of their time writing reports and 30% to 60% of it in coordination meetings." 

This customized product has been created specifically for Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Consulting Services and Media Groups. It consists of tools such as Plan and execute campaigns with projects, File manager for storing and sharing creatives, Timesheets to record time spent on client campaigns, Task lists to track all work related to campaigns, collections and payments with workflows, pitch planning and client interaction with discussions etc. benefitting each level and area of employee-employer groups. It aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of creative and media teams by 20% increasing the cost by just 0.2%. 

About WorkApps  

Founded in 2015, WorkApps is an Enterprise Work Management SaaS company, which uses technology to increase efficiency and productivity of individuals and teams. The company has tapped into the enterprise workflow collaboration space and its product aims to augment communication efforts, improve efficiency and change the way people collaborate and work together. It is based on three core utilities – Task Management, Project Collaboration and Team Communication. 

Their clientele consists of large enterprises from 500 to 70,000 employees. WorkApps has secured USD 1 million funding from SRI Capital and plans to scale up and roll out their products in global markets creating a deeper impact for industries. The core management team includes Rudrajeet Desai, MVS Murthy and Shankar Borate. Rudrajeet is a serial entrepreneur along with MVS Murthy whose expertise lies in BFSI companies. The company's third co-founder Shankar Borate is a computer scientist from IIT. 
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