Sesame Workshop India - International Literacy Day 2016

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India 9 September 2016: Literacy means a lot more than just signing your name. It is a complete package of being able to read, comprehend, write and speak.

Owing to Delhi Government’s initiative, Chunauti 2018, a praiseworthy step in the way to develop early childhood education and development, Sesame Workshop India (SWI) has undertaken a few initiatives this literacy day  to provide equal and quality education to children. To make sure that the foundation building years of children are supported with engaging educational materials which will further help the kids to become change agents with all the capabilities to build an empire full of possibilities:

·         Learn to Read Campaign – With this campaign, SWI in association with Bitgiving, a crowdfunding platform aims to reach 6000 children of Grade 1 with engaging educational material which can help improve their reading, listening and speaking skills. SWI aims to raise INR 15,00,000 to reach children studying in 100 government schools of Delhi and train 100 teachers

·         Believing to Becoming Campaign  - This is an initiative by Sesame Schoolhouse and in association with SWI, they have pledged to empower 41 Anganwadis in India so that children from marginalized communities can get an opportunity to access quality education.

About Sesame Workshop India(SWI)

Sesame Workshop in India (SWI), the organisation behind Galli Galli Sim Sim (the Indian adaptation of Sesame Street). Sesame Workshop in India is leading the movement to develop the educational paradigm through various projects or workshops and aims to put the children at the centre of development. The organisation caters to low resourced communities and does impactful work for the children and their parents around literacy, physical well being and social emotional skills.
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