New Heineken® campaign focuses on heritage, quality and stories behind the star

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India 16, September 2016 – Heineken® recently unveiled a reintegrated global marketing campaign called ‘There’s more behind the star’. Consumers were invited to discover the authentic product stories that are the foundation of an iconic global brand.

New Heineken® campaign focuses on heritage, quality and stories behind the star

While the global campaign comprised of a series of TV commercials featuring Hollywood star Benicio Del Toro , supporting digital activation & point of sale activities; in India, the brand brought alive the campaign with all this and a locally relevant outdoor campaign.  

The brand campaign in India comprised localized outdoor communication which combined Heineken’s credentials and a city’s cultural nuances in the witty manner that Heineken is known for. The communication aimed at addressing Heineken’s iconic heritage and at the same time telling compelling stories which are relevant and topical. The campaign spanned Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru & Kolkata. It will soon expand its footprint to other cities. 

Overall, the credentials campaign focuses on the beer itself, the brand’s rich heritage and its unparalleled international footprint. In the 142 years since its birth, Heineken® has grown from as mall Amsterdam-based company into the world’s most international premium lager; available in 192 countries. As the company has grown, the focus on quality and taste has never wavered, ensuring consistent excellence and consumer experience from London to Lagos and Singapore to Santiago. This is achieved through the craftsmanship and expertise of Heineken®’s Master Brewers.

Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Senior Vice President Marketing, United Breweries Limited, says; “Consumers increasingly want to know what’s happening behind the scenes in all areas of their lives. This includes their beer of choice. Heineken® has a wealth of authentic backstories that punctuate its rich history, and illustrate why its popularity is so enduring. Our new campaign is designed to bring these to life in a fresh and innovative way, using the wit we have become famous for.” 

The digital centerpiece of the campaign are the set of online videos starring award-winning actor, Benicio Del Toro. The humorous videos see DelToro comparing what is behind his own ‘star’ status, to specific stories behind the legendary Heineken® star.The content were created by Publicis Worldwide and filmed in a variety of locations in Barcelona.They have been released across all of Heineken’s Social/digital platforms. The online video can be seen here
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