India’s First Crowdfunded Electric Bike, is set to electrify again!

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SPERO, the ‘no pollution’, ‘no sweat’ E-Bike looks to do an encore@

Hyderabad, 20th September 2016: After a blockbuster first round of crowdfunding, the Spero E-Bike is back, on popular demand! The SPERO E-bike is ready to revolutionize the way we look at personal travel. Coimbatore based jute machinery technocrat S. Manikandan launched the Spero E-Bike a few months back on the crowdfunding platform, and received an amazing response. Both the campaigns raised more than INR 55Lakhs+ with more than 140 bookings from across the country.

India’s First Crowdfunded Electric Bike, is set to electrify again!

S. Manikandan, the 38-year old MBA, has been working on this project for more than 3 years & just launched his 2nd crowdfunding campaign on Fueladream – the Bengaluru based crowdfunding platform, which curates and presents unique ideas and innovations of this kind. Besides just contributing to this project, the Funders can pre-order the SPERO E-bike through

Ranganath the Founder of FuelADream says, “The E-bike campaign set new benchmarks in the crowdfunding space in India as there were doubts that a product that costs between INR 30 K to 48K would get funded so successfully. This campaign has been a trendsetter and will generate more innovation from inventors in India as they embrace the concept of crowdfunding “

Manikandan, the MD of Milltex Engineers says, “The response has been remarkable from our first campaign. Lots of people came up to contribute even Rs. 100 as a token amount, because they were so excited about the idea. The best feedback came from an old farmer who called me and said his son gifted it to him. He said his son would never have bought it unless he liked it.The experience I gained through years in the factory has given us the knowledge and expertise with handling machinery and sourcing materials that work best with this e-bike. We’re delighted to have built a high-quality e-bike, that is finding such acceptance through the crowdfunding model. The 2nd round of crowdfunding will benefit those Funders who will gain confidence from the success of the first.”

It is made with a judicious mix of locally sourced materials and local ingenuity, & key imported components – the battery comes from Samsung, the motor and tyres come from partners in Korea.

Comes in 3 models
E-30 – Has a range of 30 kms on a single charge (available only in Men’s model)
E-60 – Has a range of 60 kms on a single charge (available in Men’s & Unisex models)
E-100 – Has a range of 100 kms on a single charge (available only in Men’s model)
Speed – 25 kmph max
Acceleration - 0-25kmph in 10 seconds
Gears - Comes with 5 speed digital gears in the electric mode
Battery - 48V Li-ion battery with a 1-year warranty.Charges from 20 to 80% within 4-6 hours.
Weight – All bikes weigh between 25kgs – 26 kgs (with the battery)
Battery weight of E-30 – 2.7 kgs
Battery weight of E-60 – 3.4kgs
Battery weight of E-100 – 3.7kgs
Detachable battery for ease of charging
Charging - From a regular 5amp socket like your Smartphone!
Ease of use - Standard bicycle parts (Tyres, cables, mud/rear guards) can be used on the SPERO
Tyres – Imported from Korea
Advanced features - Pedal assist & regeneration
Cruise control
Front shocks & disc brake included
Available with headlights
Password protection
Fits into all bike racks
No driving license required
No insurance required
While this is a unique product, care has been taken to make sure that it would be easy to get spares and to be able to use extra features and accessories of regular bikes. Keeping the basic frame of the bike similar to a standard cycle facilitated this. Hence one can easily get a tire replacement, use regular bike locks, bike racks, rear splash guard options etc. The e-bike is available in funky and exciting colors.

The pre-order prices for the 3 models on FuelADream would be from 29,900 INR to 50,900 INR, which would be ~40% lower than their market price!

About is a crowd funding marketplace for people & organizations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. Founded in Mid-2015 and based in Bangalore, the start-up aims to impact 2.2 billion people in India, Africa & S.E Asia. Fuel A Dream has raised $ 250,000 in an initial round of funding over the last 12 months from a clutch of individual investors from the corporate world. is the brainchild of Ranganath Thota. His team is focused on transforming how people raise and contribute money for ideas, social causes and other activities. connects the campaign owners (people who want to raise money) to funders in a very productive and engaging way.

The Campaign owners who have an innovative idea or a social cause at heart and who want to raise money for them can showcase their stories and get funders (both individuals and corporates) to support them on this platform. The company believes in creating a community of people who understand the power of giving and the impact they can make through this. Whether funding an idea that may enable blind people identify currency notes or getting an electric bike that will change how we commute to work or funding a fashion show by a talented young designer or helping a charity that takes care of orphans or raising a helping hand to aid victims of a flood– there are many a dream that need to be fuelled.
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