Casa Colour Introduces Tiffany - The Low-rise Trendy Chair

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India 29 September 2016: Casa Colour introduces a new chapter in the laid-back comfort with the arrival of Tiffany; the low-rise trendy chair. Crafted in perfection and enveloped in a designer’s imagination, it keeps all the promises made by Casa Colour with its niche consumer base, means, Tiffany is colourful, comfortable, stylish and trendy. The subtle British design chairs are good for living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, restaurants, and even in modern offices. 

Casa Colour Introduces Tiffany - The Low-rise Trendy Chair

The chair is made of teak wood and has a designer fabric used over top of it to give it a very subtle look. The polished wooden part adds an element of grace to the soothing fabric covering. Creating a juxtaposition of traditional elegance and contemporary design, these gracefully curved chairs are gentle to eyes and add a touch of glamour to your modern living room. A completely unprecedented use of colours in the home and office furniture is being introduced for the first time in India by Casa Colour. The brand aims to be a trendsetter dictating the trends of luxurious high-quality furniture. 
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