Product Review – Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening Mouthwash

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Dubai, UAE – August 22, 2016:
 When it comes to whitening teeth, it is always useful to not easily believe advertisements. Many whitening products have harmful chemicals as mentioned in their labels and ingredients that are hard to even read. Another concern is does one really need to whiten the teeth? Does a beautiful sparkling smile really have to be that immaculately white to the point of blinding someone else?

Product Review – Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening Mouthwash

So when Dabur International announced it has a new product offering for its herbal mouthwash range, there was no doubt the product would have natural herbal extracts that provide more benefits and is free from harmful chemicals. The Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening mouthwash is a mouthwash that has a refreshing taste of lime. Lime also has a cooling effect on the mouth and has natural bleaching and cleansing properties. So whitening the teeth naturally as part of a daily regimen is quite appealing for any smile-conscious user.

Dabur international always thrives to develop products that are formulated with natural herbal extracts. The Dabur Herbal mouthwash is both fluoride- and alcohol-free. And is what an ideal mouthwash should be as it helps deeply cleanse the mouth whiten the teeth and provides long-lasting intense freshness. The Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening Moouthwash is available in 250 ml at a really affordable price of AED 10
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