German Magnetic Water Solutions launches Magnetic Water Conditioner in India

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Chennai, 06 August 2016: German Magnetic Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (GMWS) based in Chennai and a part of the conglomerate Eurostar Group has launched The Magnetic Water Conditioner in India. The product “Magnolith” has been sold across the globe since many years and now it is being introduced in India by GMWS. The device is manufactured in Germany. 

The product has been built robustly with cascaded stone magnets and it’s patented by the German manufacturer. The product is termed as a magic device when it comes to water conditioning, over the past years several installations across Gulf & MENA Region has got positive feedbacks from the customers owing to its benefits and cost savings.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Haresh Jethwani, MD of Eurostar India said, “We have installed Magnolith in several places like schools, hotels, swimming pools and farms, the results in each segment are really stunning and we never expected that the customers will instantly endorse our product”.

India has the second largest population in the world, amounting to 17.5% of the total. However, the natural water resources do not have the capacity to supply adequate clean water to the growing needs of the populace. The scarcity of water is felt by industrial, agricultural, and even in the domestic sector. Due to hard water, there are issues like salt deposits on the equipment’s, blockage of taps and showers, no proper lather of soaps and shampoos, increased maintenance on plumbing, agriculture and plantation problems due to high content of salt and Iron content present in water. The answer to all these issues is Magnolith.It can be a good alternate to support in such conditions,this clearly shows the innovative approach with sustained performance.

Mr. Raman Sundaram, Business Head, GMWS, Dubai said, “Magnolith is an extremely effective device for the magnetic conditioning of water. It improves the physical, chemical & biological nature of water. It energizes water. This re-vitalization is a very important factor in health care for all animals and Human Beings. It prevents corrosion, reduces furring and decreases any kind of scale build-up and slurry.  Eliminates, reduces downtime, maintenance and cleaning costs thereby increasing the top line.”

 He added, “For better results and less problems, water must be treated with “Magnolith”. It changes the physical properties of water and gives positive results in all areas, where water is used heavily.  With our products, the results are visible within a month. We see a huge opportunity in the market and are confident that our product will receive great acceptance as we will be selling solutions and not a product."

The unit comes in 5 different sizes from 1,2,3,5 & 8 inches, the different sizes can be easily installed based on the existing pipes in the facility, the unit installation is very simple,the site evaluation is done and then the required size of magnolith will be ascertained and recommend for installation after the water pump and it does not require any electricity or regular maintenance. The company provides a 2 year warranty and also an annual maintenance package where in customers will have a hassle free soft water for their usages and applications.

“Magnolith is been sold and serviced GMWS across India with Sales offices in Chennai & Mumbai,it’s on a drive to create the sales channel with the industry players in each segment and the entry price for the magnolith is at INR3lacs per unit, but more than the product ,it’s a solution which GMWS promises to its customers”.added Mr Mani Nair Head of Marketing,Eurostar Group.

EUROSTAR Group is a multi-national conglomerate with diversified business interests including SmartMobility Devices, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Multimedia and Pay TV, Convergent Technologies/Tendering and LED Lighting where it has achieved remarkable success over the past three decades.

About EUROSTAR Group

EUROSTAR Group, headquartered in Dubai, has over the last three decades firmly established itself as a pioneer and market leader in smart devices and value added products across the MEA region.With a reputation for excellence and strong adherence to world class standards, the Group hasdiversified and has grown dramatically through the strategy of tapping into new territories and expanding itsportfolio of products and services.

The company boasts of a strong presence in both regional and global markets, with over 25 own retail showrooms and power retailers in the Middle East, having business operations spread across 50 countries worldwide. EUROSTAR Group offers its growing customer base a range of products and services supported with a 24/7 in-house call centre and a well-established distribution network strategically located across the Middle East, Africa, CIS, and the Indian subcontinent — giving customers the confidence that EUROSTAR is ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

EUROSTAR has a diverse range of businesses operations structured into different domains –Smart Phones, Tablets, Digital Satellite Receiving Systems, B2B Convergent Technologies, Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances, Multimedia - Pay TV, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG),Trading, DTDC - Distribution & Logistics, Telecom Projects, Real Estate, Corporate Sales, Solar Power & Thermal, and LED Lighting Systems.

German Magnetic Water Solutions launches Magnetic Water Conditioner in India

Haresh Jethwani, MD, Eurostar India (Middle) with the Product “Magnolith”, Magenetic Water Conditioner along with Mr. Prem Kumar, Master Water Specialist (left), Mr. Raman Sundaram, Head, Convergence Technologies and Tenders, Dubai (right).

German Magnetic Water Solutions launches Magnetic Water Conditioner in India
"Magnolith” – Magnetic Water Conditioner 
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