Fancy a Piñita Colada?

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India 22 August 2016
: Indulge yourself this summer with our new tropical body range

New Special edition Piñata Colada Body Care


The heat is on! Love is in the air and it’s set to be a summer of hula hula shaking, cocktail making and daydream believing. To help get you in the mood, we’ve created a taste of the Caribbean that’s sealed with a pineapple and coconut kiss…

Introducing the new Special Edition Piñita Colada range from The Body Shop, bursting with fresh fruitiness, it is a match made in tropical paradise. From palm treetops to ochre sunsets, this is where skin-quenching, body buffing, summer loving begins.


Coconuts are everywhere from detox smoothies to Instagram feeds. We’ve given ours some extra juice – with a burst of zingy pineapple. Hand-harvested from the Antilles region of the Caribbean, our coconuts reign supreme, while our juicy pineapples are handpicked for freshness in the Santo-Domingo area. Whether you’re a mixer or a shaker, the exotic scent of freshly-pressed pineapple and refreshing coconut in our Special Edition Piñita Colada range equals happy hour, any hour

The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Butter
 The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Butter

The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Scrub
The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Scrub

The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Sorbet
 The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Body Sorbet

The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Shower Gel 250 ml
The Body Shop_Pinita Colada Shower Gel 250 ml


Piñita Colada exfoliating cream Body Scrub

With real shredded coconut, this refreshing lightweight exfoliator leaves skin softer, smoother and ready for a summer love

250ML Rs 1259

Piñita Colada Body Butter

Don’t let the heat of Summer dehydrate you skin, with our Skin – Quenching , 24- Hour Body Moisturiser.

200 ML Rs 1095

Piñita Colada Body Wash

Work up a Cooling Lather as you wash Away the heat of the day with our refreshing Body Cleanser

250 ML Rs 450

Piñita Colada Body Sorbet

Give your skin a Sip  of Lightweight ,  Hydrating sorbet for a cooling Burst of Fresh Moisture

250 ML Rs 825

Enriched with Community Trade Soya Bean oil from Brazil

The Piñita  Colada  Body  Butter  and Exfoliating   Cream Body  Scrub contains   our Community  Trade  organic soya oil  from our  supplier,  g ebana, located in Capanema,   Brazil. gabana is  against  deforestation,   they promote sustainable,   organic  farming  methods  – while boycotting  chemicals   and pesticides   – and they’re against  the  spread of  gm crops,  despite  them  being more lucrative.   So, in return,   we support them whole-heartedly.   Soya Oil is well known for its rich moisturising   properties, making it a great base for our exciting naturally-inspired   products.   It is rich in essential   fatty acids, caring for even very dry and mature skin.
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