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~Launches a representative line of showcase with varied display option~

New Delhi, August 2​9​, 2016: Emphasizing on providing innovative solution to the bakery industry, Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, recently announced the launch of ELANPRO BAKESHOP DC SERIES (EDC), a confectionery showcase range characterized by sinuous forms and high performance. A new line of professional showcases with exclusive finishing, high flexibility and perfect visibility of product displayed,  ELANPRO BAKESHOP DC SERIES (EDC) is available in five models- Curved glass, Flat glass, 270 degree display (four side display), Counter top display (available in hot, cold and ambient display options)and Grab and Go Cooler- an open deck design.

Elanpro Four side open display cabinets for Patisseries
 Elanpro Four side open display cabinets for Patisseries

Elanpro Go and Grab Cabinet.

Elanpro Go and Grab Cabinet.

ELANPRO BAKESHOP DC SERIES (EDC) blends high technology and aesthetic appeal leading a customer’s eye directly to the exhibited products. The cabinet optimally stores confectionery products in cold, hot and ambient temperature with a particular focus on temperature suitability and ease of use. The range introduces a new led lighting system that offers low consumption and a great product’s display enhancement.  The models also feature perfect refrigeration performance, greater capacity and integrated doors. The range is equipped with adjustable shelves enabling easy insertion and accommodation of the bakery trays. It is cohesive of imported DGU glass for better insulation and visibility.  The high-quality stainless steel finish of the containers and removable cooling systems enables easy cleaning and servicing. It also comes with anti- mist system on the front and the back.

The beautiful squared and curved surface showcase by ELANPRO is furnished with a new sliding system of the glass structure. The 270 degree display (four side display) has an exclusive digital control system with temperature display in front and back for efficient refrigeration. Temperatures in can be individually adjusted, depending on the model. The series is also equipped with highly efficient, energy-saving fans to provide indirect air circulation that ensures optimized cooling within the interior and gentle cooling of delicate food products. The products are developed for use in hot, ambient and cool temperature conditions ranging from -4°C to 8°C.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, “We believe that we can instill evolutionary changes by combining creative artisanal mastery with efficient industrial facilities. Keeping the same in mind, we bring the most innovative designs and technologies to the Indian market.”  

He added, “Refrigerators and freezers in bakeries and patisseries have to cope with a whole host of demands including high ambient temperatures, dust and flour in the air, and frequent opening and closing. Professional appliances have to be convenient to use and easy-to-clean; and they need to operate reliably and economically with low energy consumption. Elanpro bakery appliances are tailored to precisely to meet these requirements. With this range the professionals will get an expression of high performance technology and aesthetics. Every sweet specialty will meet its perfect displaying condition with ELANPRO Display Cabinet series.” 

ELANPRO BAKESHOP DC SERIES (EDC) for bakeries and patisseries combine robust construction and easy – to- clean maintenance and highly efficient refrigeration performance. Whilst the technology offers a very high degree of efficiency and functionality, their housing demonstrates robust design, making them perfect for exacting professional use. The homogeneous refrigeration range also boasts of high compositional flexibility with two lengths for linear modules and a curved element.  The components used are of exceptional quality, ensuring that these appliances can confidently withstand the hectic routines of everyday working life. Available in elegant linear version and in the sinuous shapes of curved modules, the range is available at Elanpro dealer stores starting at Rs. 57000. 

About Elanpro

Elanpro is an organization focusing on commercial refrigeration & food-service products in India. An organization trusted by the largest names in Hospitality, Retail and Pharma Industry, the company has a network of almost 100 channel partners in Key districts of India.

Elanpro offers international range of refrigeration and food-service solutions for hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream & beverage, food retail and the healthcare segments.

The company represents the world’s leading brands for Beverage Dispensing: Vin Service’s for BEVERAGE RETAIL segment – includes Beer and Soda Dispensing System from Vin Service Italy.

With the aim of creating a difference with its service in the industry, the company has created trusted relationship with major Retailers like Pepsi, Coke, Amul, Sabmiller, Inbev to have trusted Elanpro.

Elanpro is providing its key clients with large-scale solutions as well as service. The Elanpro organization is poised to grow faster than the market whilst taking care of all stake holders.

Link for the website: http://www.elanpro.net/
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