Dabur International - photo caption for Dabur Mouthwash

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Dubai, UAE – 11 August, 2016 
- Mouthwash made with natural herbal extracts. Dabur International has recently launched its latest range of mouthwashes, which are scientifically formulated from natural herbal extracts and does not contain alcohol and fluoride. Dabur Herb’l Neem Antibacterial Mouthwash has the germ-killing power and gum care from neem, a tree commonly found in India and the Middle East and whose leaves are known to cleanse the body from bacteria and other impurities, while Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening mouthwash has deep cleansing and whitening properties naturally found in lime and provides intense freshness. The mouthwashes are available in 250ml bottles and affordably priced at AED 10.

Dabur International - photo caption for Dabur Mouthwash
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