Al Baraha Hospital opens new breastfeeding clinic

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Facility aims to educate women on the importance of breastfeeding

UAE, August 10, 2016 - Al Baraha Hospital has announced the opening of its new medical breastfeeding clinic at its premises recently, coinciding with the celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week. The new clinic was launched with the aim of increasing awareness among mothers on the importance of breastfeeding to their babies’ health and get advices and instructions from specialists. The hospital has also provided a guidance programme for mothers before and after delivery. 

Al Baraha Hospital opens new breastfeeding clinic

Al Baraha Hospital opens new breastfeeding clinic

Dr. Sharifa Al Emadi, Deputy Director for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Chairman of the Committee on Breastfeeding at Al Baraha Hospital, announced during the Breastfeeding Week celebration that the hospital has launched various initiatives for mothers’ satisfaction and happiness, including the new clinic to educate women on the importance of natural breastfeeding methods as the best way to feed their babies.

“Breastfeeding has been proven that it promotes better health and growth for children, and that was the aim of opening the clinic - to help recover the culture of natural breastfeeding and encourage more women to follow the ideal feeding process in hospitals. We hope to provide the full support to drive this initiative to success and spread the habit of breastfeeding as the golden key to better health in society. It is important to promote this natural habit as against manufactured milk that could only hinder a mother to give from her own life,” she added. 

The UAE is highly committed to promote women and children’s health in which it has achieved huge progress for only a short period to reach the same standards of health of advanced countries based on the human development index, which measures the level of a human being’s development based on health, social, economic and political development
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