NSDL adds Live Video streaming of General Meeting proceedings to its e-Voting Service

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Chandigarh, September 07, 2016: National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) has introduced Live Video streaming services for General Meetings of companies. The first issuer company to avail this service is Larsen & Toubro Limited. The proceedings of the 71st Annual General Meeting of Larsen & Toubro Limited held at Mumbai were streamed live to the shareholders of the company through NSDL’s Live Video streaming, which is part of its e-Voting service. NSDL offers its new Live Video streaming facility to companies to enable their shareholders to view the general meeting proceedings. Use of such Live Video streaming allows shareholders from various locations to participate in general meetings and pose any questions to the company management. Shareholders who are entitled to participate in the general meeting can view the general meeting proceedings by using their secure login credentials on the e-Voting website of NSDL and can post their queries to the companies. This will facilitate wider participation of  shareholders at the general meetings of companies.

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NSDL launched its e-Voting service in January 2012. e-Voting enables shareholders to cast their vote electronically on resolutions placed before shareholder meetings by companies. Shareholders can conveniently cast their vote using the secure e-Voting platform of NSDL from the comfort of their home without the need to be physically present at general meetings. e-Voting is available for a minimum of three days prior to the date of the general meeting thus giving adequate time for shareholders to participate. e-Voting is mandatory for all listed companies and to unlisted companies having more than 1000 shareholders. NSDL has also launched Tablet based e-Voting at the venue of General Meetings of companies to enable shareholders to cast vote electronically using handheld tablet devices at the venue. Voting results are made available instantaneously after the meeting by combining the results of remote e-Voting and venue e-Voting.

NSDL is India’s first and largest securities depository having over 89% share of custody of dematerialized securities in the country. Total value of securities held in NSDL system are about `130 lakh crore (USD 1.91 trillion).
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