CHANGE IN DATE: India Gdagetz Expo to be held on 14th, 15th, and 16th October 2016

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India 27 September 2016: Owing to the recent unrest over the Cauvery River Water Dispute, this year’s India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) is being pushed back to 14-16 October 2016. As the reaction to the final verdict is not yet known and cannot be predicted, the organizers have chosen to postpone IGE 2016 until normal business operations can commence and public services can operate without disruptions. Since the safety of visitors to IGE is of paramount importance, many of whom will be traveling from other countries and states, this decision has been taken unanimously. IGE 2016 will proceed as per the current theme and industry leading announcements, but on the revised dates of 14-16 October.   

About IGE

IGE is an initiative to promote innovation and showcase futuristic technologies at one place. IGE is envisioned as a destination consumer technology event in India with participation and attendance from Indian and global brands and start-ups. The previous two editions of IGE took place in Hyderabad and received an overwhelming support and appreciation from the consumer tech industry. IGE is a must-visit show for all those who believe that technology is the future and innovations are the way forward. Follow IGE at and on social media.
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