Bangalore based start-up Hashtaag Raises USD $1 Million in Angel Funding

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o      Design-led engineering firm for mobile app development founded in 2015
o      Secured funding to be used for talent acquisition, R&D, expansion in India and international markets
o      Clientele includes start-ups, serial entrepreneurs and popular international icons

Bangalore, September 22, 2016: Hashtaag, a firm which builds native mobile apps & products driven through technology, today announced it has secured USD $ 1 million in angel funding. Hashtaag was founded by Krishna Vemula (Kim) and Jayavardhan B N in 2015. Based in Bangalore, the firm employs over 40 mobile app developers, designers and support staff.

Bangalore based start-up Hashtaag Raises USD $1 Million in Angel Funding

Hashtaag primarily works with entrepreneurs and startups looking for high-quality mobile app development partner. Hashtaag helps companies transform their mobile businesses through product strategy consultation, UI/UX design, cross-platform development, quality assurance, deployment, and ongoing support of premium mobile and web applications.

“We are extremely thrilled to secure this funding that will enable us to hire better talent, build better products and expand operations further in India and globally. We intend to make rapid inroads in the design-led app engineering space, and with this additional funding impetus we can continue to focus on delivering the best products to meet our client’s needs with our fundamentally unique business model and value propositions.” said Kim, Chairman & Co-Founder of Hashtaag
With more than USD $1 million in revenue, Hashtaag sought funding to support its rapid talent acquisition, product R&D and geographic expansion. The firm aims to reach 100+ employees by the end of 2016; in India, it has already set up additional offices in the key cities of Chennai and Mumbai and plans to expand globally. Hashtaag also has an office in San Francisco, California which caters to serial entrepreneurs in the US. 

Hashtaag is the proud mobile app development partner of apps such as Doors, Shouut, Paperboy, FaceChat, Curiocty, and Logoon– all owned by popular celebrity icons and serial entrepreneurs.

“While India has been a source for less-expensive development resources for a while, we’ve seen international companies hesitating to use Indian agencies due to quality concerns. Mobile apps or technology products need premium design and development to be successful. Hashtaag is working to raise the bar in India – and around the world – in providing excellence for our clients. We are glad that investors are recognizing our potential to capture a large portion of a booming market.” said Jayavardhan B N, CEO & Co-founder, Hashtaag.

India is witnessing immense innovation in every sector and owing to the recent smartphone boom in the country, the mobile app development industry in particular is seeing huge potential and scope. According to a report by Deloitte, India is set to become the largest base of mobile app developers by 2017. Gartner has further predicted that 42% of organizations are expecting to increase spending on mobile app development by an average of 31% in 2016. 

About Hashtaag
Let’s talk Apps. The fresh choice in mobile app development, Hashtaag provides premium design and development services for entrepreneurs and startups around the world. Founded in 2015 and held under KGJ Software Technologies, Hashtaag employs 40+ designers, engineers and support staff. Based in Bangalore, Hashtaag also has offices in Chennai, Mumbai and San Francisco, California.
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