16 Leaves, a platform for publishing Children’s Book Launched

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 10 Books by Young Authors launched

India 26 September 2016: It was a very colourful and joyous evening where many School Children, Teachers and Parents were mingled with Authors and Media. The occasion being the launch of 10 books written by child authors from different Schools. It was also a red letter day for Bharath Parthasarathy and his Team who have launched a unique platform called “16 leaves.com” which primarily focuses on publishing the talent of child and teen authors.

16 Leaves, a platform for publishing Children’s Book Launched

According to Mr. Bharath Parthasarathy, the man behind this unique publishing concept, “16 Leaves is a service provider that helps aspiring children and young adult writers to produce and publish their work as remarkable books. With a special interest to support Child Authors, 16 Leaves.com relies much on its unbeatable quality and author centric approach, rather than mere technology. It hopes to be a most sought after service provider for children and young adults who dream to become a published author!”

Explaining about the significance of the company’s name and logo, Bharath added, 16 is a widely used print signature, like the paper folds in multiples of 16, in book printing. Book pages are also known as leaves.  Our child and teen authors are mostly 16 years or younger. The colorful leaves denote that they have different talents and interests that can help them grow into beautiful trees if nursed and nurtured in the right way. In essence, 16 leaves is a skillful combination of well-written pages and professional printing for aspiring child and young adult writers.”

Actor Rohini Molleti, who was present at the function said that she was delighted to be a part of this youth brigade. She congratulated Bharath Parthasarathy for the innovative thinking and challenging the conventional wisdom of doing business by focusing on producing Child Authors Work who are the future of this great country.

Ms. Aysha Rau, Managing Trustee of the Little Theatre Trust who has been working with Children for over 25 years and understands the psyche of a child very well. She stressed that like the theatre workshops which she organizes, another way of busting the stress of Children who are saddled with huge homework and exams/tests every other day, which leaves them with no time to explore their hobbies and interests, is writing poems, short stories etc. which can be done at anytime.  Complementing 16 leaves, she said that this was the need of the hour and many schools will encourage their  students to write books where they can find a publisher.

Ms. Janaki Sabesh, Actor and Story Teller, who has been in the media and entertainment industry for more than 2 decades said, “This initiative by Bharath is going to bring about a paradigm shift in the publishing world particularly in Children’s Books category. The publishing industry always looks for well-known names, so that they can have bestsellers everytime but Bharath has risked everything and will be remembered in future for his unconventional wisdom.”

She added, “When Children start writing at a tender age, they also become more responsible, disciplined and meaningful. A few may go on to become Nationally or even Internationally known Authors and Writers.”

List of Books Launched:

S. No.
Name of Book
Author Name
When I was deserted on an Island
Jyotika Jayaram
PSBB, Ashok Nagar
Words of the Wise
Aishwarya Karanam
BVM Global, Perungudi
Moments of Joy
Nethra Dhamodaran
California, USA
The Adventures of a Pirate and his friends
Kevin John
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai
Food for Thought
Abhirami H
GK Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya
The Adventures of Sanaya
Sanaya Manglic
JBCN International school, Mumbai
The Hunt
Rithika Anand
GK Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya
Failure: Not the end, just the beginning
C.M. Uthara
GK Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya
In You
Aparna Anoop
Mohd. Sathak  college, Chennai
Big Bad Wolf
Sanjhana Ramesh & Ashwin Ramesh
VIT, Vellore
Mr. Satyan Bhatt, Ms. Janaki Sabesh, Ms. Rohini Molleti, Mr. Bharath parthasarathy & Ms. Aysha Rau are seen along with the Young Authors and 16 leaves team.


Thanks for all your help in publishing Nethra's work. My wife and I, are always proud of her work and encourage her to read and write more. Nethra's teachers were so impressed with her book, that one teacher wanted an autograph...She is getting popular among the teachers now. It wouldn't have been possible withoutthe efforts and encouragement from 16 Leaves. Thank you very much for recognizing Nethra's interest. .

-DhamodaranJayabalan (Nethra’s Father) 

A very big thanks to the lovely people at 16 Leaves. You guys are awesome. I never could have finished a book in my life if you guys hadn’t set deadlines. I love what you are doing. You gave me a wonderful opportunity that lets my talent get printed as a book. You will hear from me in the future. I promise you! 

- RithikaAnand (Student, GKSVV)

Bharath and the team of 16 Leaves have been very professional in their approach from my first interaction.I admire them for their planning and commitment. Their understanding of the publishing industry is surely a good starting point to encourage our kids to be more creative and innovate future "Authors".

-Sreedhar (Aishwarya’s Father)  

My experience with 16 Leaves and their personnel has been extremely good. Apart from their expertise in offering right solutions and services for publishing children's work and giving them an amazing platform and channel to present their work to a larger audience, what I appreciate the most is the genuine and honest suggestions by the staff members that helped me take the right decision resulting in enhancing and highlighting my daughter 's work in the best capacity. Looking forward to a long term association with 16 Leaves. 

- SweetySudhanshuManglic (Sanaya’s mother)
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