Ma Foi Analytics was included in the June 2016 Gartner Research

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“Doing Machine Learning Without Hiring Data Scientists”

Ma Foi Analytics was included in the June 2016 Gartner Research

Bangalore, August 24th 2016: Ma Foi Analytics, a new age platform and solution driven insights advisory firm building outcome oriented business solutions by combining capabilities in data sciences (analytics, research) & Big Data technology. Ma Foi has been included in the list of Specialist midsize consultancies offering business analytics and data science services in their June 2016 report titled “Doing Machine Learning Without Hiring Data Scientists”. Ma Foi Analytics is among the few Indian companies who operate in multiple markets, but focus specifically on a range of analytics and machine-learning solutions and services.

“We had anticipated this would be the direction of the industry a while back and hence ensured we were focused on development at the intersection of Machine Learning and Data Science as opposed to the traditional services only delivery model” said Satyakam Mohanty, CEO of Ma Foi Analytics, We agree with Gartner that organizations are still in the early phases of their data science journey and we want to work with them to ensure that at least Data Science initiatives don’t hold them back on their journey.

Gartner recommends addressing these challenges, data and analytics leaders can:

·         Train existing staff into (citizen) data scientists — Many organizations have mathematically skilled employees without knowing it. These employees might have been math geeks since high school or are using their quantitative skills in other roles.

·         Partner with academia — Many universities and colleges offer data-science-related degrees now. Students are always in need of hands-on, practical projects for their graduation. If all cutting-edge companies do it, why shouldn't this also be of interest to mainstream companies?

·         Hire third-party professionals — There are hundreds of consultancies that can provide a spectrum of assistance, from creating project ideas, early piloting, coaching and teaching of junior staff, to the fully fledged creation of managed services.

·         Utilize packaged applications — These often provide superb cost-time-risk trade-offs, significantly lower the skills barrier and can provide a solution much faster than creating one from scratch.”

About Ma Foi Analytics: Ma Foi Analytics has 30+ clients ranging across mid-sized organizations to SMEs in US, Middle-East Singapore and India. Ma Foi Analytics provides solutions and domain expertise to industries like Healthcare, E-commerce, Hospitality, SME, Manufacturing, Retail and Oil & Gas etc. Since their inception about 40 months ago, they have built their proprietary Big Data Analytics platform which has a patent pending, and numerous cloud based SaaS and bespoke solutions for clients across these geographies. The company is a venture of 20 year old Ma Foi Group, which now has specialized businesses around Management Consulting for SMBs and supply chain consulting for aviation and automobiles. For more information about analytics offerings from Ma Foi Analytics please visit  
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