Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

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Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

Conceptualized by Rediffusion Y&R, the campaign reinforces Joshina’s natural remedy plank by defeating the irritating Mr. Sardi Zukaam 

New Delhi, August 04, 2016: Joshina, one of Hamdard’s iconic brands and a herbal cough and cold remedy has unveiled its latest TVC featuring the antagonist Mr. Sardi Zukaam. The campaign positions the brand as a means to protect users from the effects of seasonal change and an impending cough and cold situation. 
Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

Hamdard Joshina defeats Mr. Sardi Zukaam in its latest TVC

It is said that if a brand knows how to treat children, it certainly knows how to treat the older people. Breaking the clutter in the category, Hamdard Joshina’s new campaign depicts an engaging and empathetic narrative through the personification of Cough and Cold that makes people incapacitated. Shown from the perspective of Mr. Sardi Zukaam (Cold & Cough) depicts his plight that people are no longer scared of him as children continue to ride their bicycles in the rain; the elderly savor ice-creams in the severe cold, amongst other scenarios.  

The innovative campaign has been developed by Rediffusion Y&R, and was shot by Jigsaw Pictures Productions. 

With the changing season and onset of monsoons, the arrival of a host of bacteria is inevitable, which causes cold, cough and flu. In the family, children and elderly are most vulnerable to cold and cough. Mothers, who are the anchors of the family, are the best source of guidance when it comes to healing and comforting. Hamdard’s Joshina is a perfect remedy for the treatment of such chronic problems. Joshina combines an assortment of 12 different herbal ingredients like Mulethi, Tulsi, Amaltas, Unnab and Sapistan which provides effective mixtures and helps strengthening the immune system to protect from the ill effects of disagreeable weather.  Made from hundred percent natural actives with no chemicals and side effects, Joshina when had at the first sign of cough and cold eradicates the problem from the root and provides immediate relief.   

Hamdard’s Joshina, an iconic product from the Unani School of medicine, is trusted by physicians and is a time tested quick remedy for those suffering from cold & cough.

Speaking on the key insights of the campaign, Mansoor Ali- Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard said, “With the advent of monsoon, people especially the young and the aged, are susceptible to common cold easily. With this campaign, we want to re-instill people’s faith in the power of herbal products that are fast, healthy and with no side-effects. The campaign is cheeky but delivers a strong message and brings the value of the product in the fore-front effectively. We sincerely believe that the Joshina TVC will be remembered for the differentiated treatment and narrative.” 

The creative will be carried forward in the form of a TVC and on various digital platforms.  

Nilotpal Singh, Sr. Brand Manager, Hamdard Laboratories said, Joshina as a product in the category is different. To have the syrup at the onset of the first signs of cold is itself a “Prevention”. This year the creative takes a bash at cold that we believe relishes at the thought of incapacitating us. Joshina takes away its wing and that makes the advertising this year so interesting.   

About Hamdard Laboratories India:

Established in 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed as a small Unani clinic, Hamdard is a progressive, research based, health and wellness organization with a focus on developing innovative and natural solutions for the masses based on Unani system of medicine. Hamdard India has a wide portfolio of over 500 natural and herb based products and is amongst the leading Health & Wellness companies in India. Hamdard India is the manufacturer and exporter of the world’s largest range of Unani medicines; exporting to more than 22 countries across the globe. Hamdard’s area of expertise include lifestyle disease management, weight management, skin and hair care, gastro care, men’s health, women’s health, cough and cold wellness products and Unani medicines. The top brands are RoohAfza, Safi, Roghan Badam Shirin, Sualin, Joshina, and Cinkara. With over 100 years of service to health and humanity, Hamdard has today become synonymous with ‘integrity’ and ‘high quality’ and stands as a mission committed to serve and benefit the society at large.
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